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Transfer List

At VTSA, we understand the importance of a seamless and secure firearms transfer process. Our Transfer List Services are designed to provide you with unparalleled convenience, compliance, and peace of mind. Whether you're buying or selling a firearm, our dedicated services ensure that every transaction is executed with precision and in accordance with the highest industry standards.

Price List

  • Private Party $25
  • Handgun $35
  • Long Gun $45

Price List

  • Starting at $35*

Gun Cleaning

At VTSA, we understand the importance of firearm maintenance, and our Gun Cleaning Services are designed to keep your firearms operating at peak performance. Our skilled technicians use state-of-the-art equipment and cleaning solutions to ensure that every nook and cranny of your firearm is thoroughly cleaned. Whether you're a casual shooter or a seasoned enthusiast, trust us to preserve the reliability and longevity of your firearms. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your investment is in the hands of professionals committed to excellence.

Gun Smithing

When your firearms require more than routine maintenance, turn to the Gunsmithing Services at [Your Gun Store Name]. Our skilled gunsmiths combine expertise with a passion for craftsmanship to address a wide range of firearm needs. From repairs and modifications to customizations, we take pride in delivering high-quality workmanship tailored to your unique preferences. Trust us to breathe new life into your firearms and elevate them to the next level of performance.

Gun Smithing

  • Upgrades, attachments,
  • trigger swaps and more*


  • Events
  • Parties
  • Money
  • Transfers


Safety is paramount, and at VTSA, we extend our commitment to security with our Private Security Services. Our team of highly trained and licensed professionals is dedicated to providing reliable and discreet security solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you require event security, personal protection, or asset safeguarding, trust us to deliver a comprehensive security service that prioritizes your peace of mind.


Duracoat is a specialized firearm refinishing service available in our store. It offers a durable, protective coating for guns, enhancing their appearance and performance. Our expert application ensures a long-lasting finish, providing resistance against wear and corrosion. With a wide range of colors and finishes, we can customize and revitalize your firearms to meet your preferences.


  • Customization
  • Durability
  • Enhanced Aesthetics
  • Easy Maintenance


What are Class III/NFA items?

Class III/NFA items are firearm accessories that are regulated by the ATF in accordance with the National Firearm Act of 1986. ​

These items include:
  • Full Auto machine guns
  • Suppressor (Silencers)
  • Short barrel Rifles & Shotguns
  • AOW (Any other Weapon)
Can I own a Class III item?

Common misconception is that these items are illegal. If you meet the criteria to own a regular firearm, most likely you are capable of qualifying to obtain a Class III item in the state of Virginia.

VTSA carries suppressors from DEAD AIR SLIENCERS (as shown in the picture) along with many other Class III items. If there is a particular item you are looking to obtain and we do not have it listed, contact us today.

Class III / NFA Purchase Process

  1. Decide what type of Class III / NFA item you are interested on and purchase it.
  2. Required documentation
    • BATFE Form 4 (5320.4)
    • Acquire 2x Passport photos
    • A photocopy of the form 4, with passport photos attached
    • Complete 2x FBI FORM FD-258's
    • Identify CLEO and request signoff on FORM 4
    • Submit $200 BATFE check
  3. VTSA will send a copy of your paperwork and check or money order in the sum of $200 (or $5 depending on type of item) to the BATF NFA Branch.
  4. Once the form is approved and VTSA receives the item we will get in contact with you to arrange the transfer of the item. You will fill out a BATF Form 4473 and you will be able to obtain the Class III/NFA item.

50% RESTOCKING FEE WILL BE CHARGED FOR ALL NON-APPROVALS. VTSA charges a non-refundable transfer fee for items not purchased from us depending on the class of that item.

Fees associated with this process
  1. Filing/Transfer Fee: $95
  2. $200 for machine gun​
  3. $200 Short Barrel Rifle/ Short Barrel Shotgun
  4. $100 Suppressor

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